Indo American Academy of Presents

Sri Krishna Vadya Vrinda

Professional Live Orchestra from India

for Bharathanatya Arangetrams

Sri Krishna Vadya Vrinda

Arangetram Tour during June thru September of every year.

Flute Raman's Sri Krishna Vadya Vrinda (Professional Arangetram Orchestra from India ) has been the premier orchestra group in the USA, providing music accompaniment for Arangetrams, Dance Productions, Dance Performances and Annual Day Shows during June thru September of every year.

The Sri Krishna Vadya Vrinda Orchestra is led by Flute Raman who has more than 25 years of experience in Dance music field. The accomplished team members have accompanied top notch Bharatanatyam dancers in India & abroad. The team consisting of high calibre professional musicians from India,has been on tour in the USA & Canada since 2005. The traditional orchestra consists of Vocals, Mridangam, Violin & Flute. Veena & other additional instruments are generally included upon individual request.

The above picture is used with permission of Dr. Janaki Rangarajan and is not an endorsement. Photo credit: Mr. Santosh.

Versatility & Flexibility

Equipped with a deep understanding of music and dance, our orchestra is capable of providing a fully customizable score for arangetrams and dance shows. Our orchestra members have worked extensively with most of the famous bharatanatyam Gurus. They have worked with legends like the Dhananjayans, Adayar Lakshman , Prof C.V Chandrasekhar, M.V Narasimhachari, Priyadarshini Govind , Alarmel Valli, Chitra Visweswaran, Shobana and many others.

In addition to a full live orchestra, we are able to provide individual orchestra members, as well as fully recorded audio programs to accommodate any budget.

If you are looking for a traditional authentic Kuchipudi orchestra for Rangapravesams, then go to

We also provide professional Carnatic Violinists and Mridangists for Carnatic Vocal , Carnatic Flute Arangetrams during the summer.

We also provide complete affiliated services like Music Composing, Music Notations for the Arangetram Items, Margam Audio Recordings, Nattuvangam, Composing New Jathis, Photography, Videography & Makeup assistance for the event.

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We have done over 300 Arangetrams since 2005 and many more to come.
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Wish you the very best for your Arangetram.